What should an engineering student’s resume contain?

What should Engineering students resume contain

When applying for a job as an engineer, you can highlight your technical knowledge and experience while also writing a resume that is simple and easy to understand. In every job search, taking the time to polish your resume and ensure that it accurately reflects you and your technical abilities is necessary. Although the style and design of a resume differ depending on the industry, there are a few basic criteria for the resume that should not be ignored.

Make sure your resume is full and ready to submit by using this checklist.!!

Getting Started:

  • First, we need to understand the purpose of preparing the resume, is it for a job interview or Internship
  • Highlight keywords from your education and preferred qualifications sections that match your skills set.
  • Preferably make the resume in a one-page and font size in 14 to 16 with a proper margin.


  • Mention your name on the resume in bold preferably in 18- to 20-point font.
  • One address, your personal email id, and phone number to be mentioned. Please make sure you don’t have any funny caller tunes (this is very unprofessional and people in the corporate world don’t like it.
  • Mention if you have a linked-in account, looks very professional.



  • List your most recent degree in progress first with CGPA or percentage, If you have a lower CGPA in the earlier semesters, and your CGPA has improved, you can mention your CGPA then include a point that says: maintained (improved CGPA number) for the past (# of) semesters.)  then include your PUC/12th percentage with subjects. Then include your 10th Percentage and  Year of passing for Engineering / 12th / 10th

Relevant Coursework Subsection (Optional)

Only provide courses that are specifically requested in the job description or courses that are exclusive to your major.

Certifications can be used in your Education section or can be specified separately.


Technical Skills:

List Programming Skills, i.e. C, C++, C#, Linux, Device drivers, Python Matlab, Simulink, Mathematica, VBA, Bluebeam, Java etc .

List Software i.e SPSS, MATLAB, SYSTAT, The Unscrambler, etc.

Lab Techniques.               Machine Shop Skills: Soldering Relevant.


  • List any opportunities, whether unpaid or paid, that are important to the desired position, such as internships, assignments, laboratories, class projects, and research. List Project/Internship/Job Title in bold (Starting with most recent experience).
  • List organization name with City, State.
  • Include dates (Month/Year-Month/Year).
  • Develop 3-6 accomplishment-oriented bullet points for each encounter (no period recommended).
  • Bullet formula: Action Verb + Task + Result/Accomplishment, i.e. Developed Matlab model to Reduce AI Bias in Life Sciences and Biomedicine
  • Leadership Experience
  • List Title and Organization
  • List Organization Name, City, State, Month/Year-Month/Year Language Skills.

List proficient languages with proficiency level.

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