Academic Projects

Indian Institute of Embedded Systems (IIES) is a preferred destination for engineering students for their final year engineering academic projects.  The purpose of an academic project is to make students understand and implement the theories they have learned in their academic career into a project. We address the requirement of the students on how to start and implement their project ideas. Guidance will be given to students starting from Project Synopsys to the project reports. IIES supports students with high-end application-oriented training in their project domain and step-by-step guidance to implement their project. Hardware requirement for projects if any; is provided by IIES free of cost on a returnable basis. Projects that are offered to the students are IEEE level projects.

IIES provides qualitative projects in Embedded systems, Very-large-scale integration (VLSI), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Machine Learning (ML), Java, MATLAB, etc…

Students who are interested to implement customized and research-oriented projects can also apply.


  • Home automation system
  • Smart traffic light system
  • Fade recognition
  • Home Security
  • Military Robot
  • Weather Station
  • Vehicle tracking by GPS- GSM
  • Robotic vehicle
  • Raspberr-pi Based


  • Cryptography cores
  • MIMO
  • OFDM
  • 4G
  • Different encoder and decoder
  • Communication interfaces
  • Multicahnnel UART using FPGA
  • SPI
  • Ethernet, FFT, FIR, DWT, Radar
  • Working with soft core processors micro blaze
  • Xilinx and Intel FPGA’s


  • Iot based weather reporting system 
  • Touch based home automation system
  • Facial recognition door with raspberry pi
  • Liquid level monitoring system
  • Smart garage door
  • IoT based alarm clock
  • IoT based air pollution monitoring system
  • Night patrolling robot


  • Machine learning bases, Neural network, Character recognition, advanced driver assistive systems
  • Image processing (stenography, medical image processing, Biometric applications, image super resolution)
  • Speech processing(voice biometric, speech synthesis etc)
  • Audio processing(compression standards on audio acoustic)
  • Video processing (Motion based detection, video compression, MPEG etc.)

Target Audience

BE/BTech (Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering, Information Science & Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering)

ME / MTech (Telecommunication Engineering, Microelectronics & VLSI Design, Electronics Design and Technology, Wireless Communication, Signal Processing, Robotics, Embedded Systems)

Project Support and Takeaway

  • Module based technical training
  • Providing project abstracts/ project Synopsys
  • IEEE paper, Project IEEE base / Reference paper
  • Project Diagrams (For software projects)
  • Project block diagram ( For (Hardware) embedded and IoT Projects)
  • PPT & Review preparation for Viva
  • Project report guidance
  • Project source code
  • Project Demo and explanation
  • Working procedure, Screen Shots & Video Demo
  • Datasheets, Manuals and reference nook guidance
  • projects Kit/ Project Hardware ( For all hardware related projects)
  • Necessary software and installations for software projects
  • Project completion certificate
IIES provides advanced training programs on leading technologies like Embedded Systems, the Internet of Things and Machine learning.
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