Indian Institute of Embedded Systems (IIES) Recruiters Program

In today’s scenario, the main challenge for any organisation or a company is to find the right candidate for the right job. Indian Institute of Embedded Systems ( IIES) bridges the gap between employer and the candidates.

IIES placement department provides the companies with finest technical trained & skilful candidates within a short period of time. IIES Campus recruitment comes with a lot of advantages to a company who is looking for technically trained engineering graduates. Our recruiters can select the best, talented candidates from the pool of technical trained engineering graduates from IIES campus.

Engaging opportunities, improving the retention rate, bringing new knowledge and skills, and being easily accommodating and manageable are some of the benefits of hiring fresh graduates from IIES.

Which technology are candidates from Indian Institute of Embedded Systems (IIES) trained on?

Programming Languages

  • Programming in C
  • Embedded C
  • Data Structures
  • C++
  • Python programming
  • JAVA
  • MATLAB & Simulink
  • LabVIEW


  • Microcontroller Fundamentals with 8051
  • ARM – LPC2148, LPC2129
  • ARM CORTEX M0, M3, M4
  • Texas Instruments DSP C5000 / C6000

Linux & Operating Systems

  • Operating System and Kernel
  • Bash Shell Programming
  • Inter-process Communication
  • Device Drivers & Threads

OS Porting

  • OS Porting with RASPBERRY PI
  • OS Porting with Beagle Bone Black

Wireless Technology

  • LTE, WIFI, RF, ZigBEE, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, VSAT, WLAN, Etc..

Emerging Technology

  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet Of Things on Arduino
  • Internet Of Things on Raspberry Pi
  • Internet Of Things on NodeMCU ( ESP8266)

Why recruit fresh Technical trained candidates from Indian Institute of Embedded Systems (IIES)?

  • Selection of best and skilled candidates from a pool of candidates provided by IIES placement department
  • Students in IIES are trained in Hands-on method, as IIES does not have theory and practical concepts like colleges and other training institutes. The trainings are delivered in the labs where student learn algorithms, optimization, Hardware interfacing using real time examples.
  • Save your advertisement and consultant costing as IIES provides candidates without any charges. This also reduces your internal manpower efforts to some extent.
  • The chances of candidate’s selection increase with IIES campus drive recruitment. The more talented and skilled students, the better the selection and retention ratio. Along with this, the number of candidates IIES provides for campus recruitment is higher than a normal recruitment process.
  • IIES trained Engineering graduates selected from the campus drive can join your company within 3 working days.
  • IIES trained Engineering graduates have passion, self-confidence and enthusiasm to work towards the betterment of the company/employer. New skills and talent is important for the survival of any company. IIES campus drive recruitment allows the company to judge the technical and non-technical skills by conducting Technical tests and aptitude (Ability test/Verbal reasoning) to get more clear information of each candidate.
  • Our Campus drive also helps the companies to select candidates who are fast learners and who can do multi-tasking. Moreover as the students are fresher’s and have not worked with any company before, it will be easy for them to adapt to your company protocols.
  • Candidates can be hired for full time, part time, for Internships and for specific technical projects. Staffing model is also available through IIES recruiters program*
  • The main advantage to hire an engineering candidate from IIES campus drive is that all the candidates are technically trained in their respective core domains and are ready to perform resources once hired. This saves the training cost for any employer.
  • Hiring fresher candidates improve the retention rate; It is well-known to the corporate Human resource community that employees tend to feel more loyal to the first employer. If the candidates feel comfortable and valued, they will be touch by the company gratitude and take up additional responsibility and ownership of the job.

To conclude:  By hiring a fresh technical trained candidate without much work experience, but with fresh mind-set, fresh knowledge and willingness to learn and succeed, companies are adding a great asset without paying more that is usually paid for lateral candidates who come with many years of experience but also with attitude and insolence.

Save time and energy by recruiting technical proficient candidates from the Indian Institute of Embedded Systems (IIES)

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