Faculty Development Program (FDP)

Indian Institute of Embedded Systems, Bangalore is the leading Faculty development training provider in INDIA. IIES brings the latest technical knowledge like Embedded, VLSI, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc., to the academia table and upgrades the faculty knowledge on them. Our main aim is to update the college staff with the latest industry trends so that they can impart the same to students. Our Faculty development programs are very similar to our corporate trainings as these are high-end technical trainings.

Faculty development programs can be delivered in basic, intermediate and advance level. Trainings are provided in Embedded systems, Very-large-scale integration (VLSI), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence ( AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Programming languages like C, C++, Data Structures, Java, VHDL, Verilog, MATLAB, LABVIEW, Python, Data Science, etc.

FDP Topics

Emerging Technologies
Machine Learning 2-5 Days
Artificial Intelligence 2-5 Days
IoT on Ardunio 2-4 Days
IoT on Raspberry Pi 2-4 Days
IoT on NodeMCU ( ESP8266) 2-4 Days
Programming Languages
Programming in C/Data Structures 2-5 Days
Advanced C++ 2-5 Days
Embedded C 2-5 Days
Python Programming & Applications 2-5 Days
Interview level Java/Java for Certification 2-5 Days
Java/Core Java 2-5 Days
MATLAB & Simulink - Video / Audio / Image Processing 2-5 Days
Labview 2-5 Days
Microcontroller / Microprocessor
Microcontroller Fundamentals with 8051 3-5 Days
Texas Instruments - MSP430 / TIVA M4 / C2000 Series/ Stellaris/ ASLK 3-5 Days
ARM - LPC2148, 1768, STM32/64, Hercules Sitara (Am335x Starter kit and EVM, am3359ICEV1) Stellaris1968 3-5 Days
RASPBERRY PI / SITARA ARM Processors / Davinci ARM & DSP Processors 3-5 Days
ARM CORTEX XA8/ Beagle Board- XM, Beaglebone, Panda Board, ARM /DSP AM-1808 3-5 Days
DAVINCI (DM6446, DM355, DM6437, DM368, DM3730, DM642 & DM 8168) 3-5 Days
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Texas Instruments DSP C5000 / C6000 2-5 Days
DSP 5515 / 6416 / 6678 / 6713 / 6748 / FDK5515 2-5 Days
4/16 Channel Audio Daughter Card 2-5 Days
Fundamentals of FPGA Design with XIlinx/Intel FPGAs 3 Days
Advanced FPGA Design with XIlinx/Intel FPGAs 3 Days
DSP with Xilinx System Generator for FPGA'S 4 Days
FPGA Design with Xilinx Vivado and Microblaze 3 Days
FPGA Design with Intels' Quartus and Nios 3 Days
FPGA-controller interface fundamentals 3 Days
Complete Verilog HDL Design 6 Days
Complete VHDL Design 6 Days
System Verilog for Verification 3 Days
Communication protocol implementation on FPGA's (UART, I2c, SPI, Ethernet) 4 Days
Image processing with FPGAs and MATLAB(intel/Xilinx) 3 Days
Encryption Design with FPGAs 2 Days
DSP Design with MATLAB and FPGAs 3 Days
Linux and Operating System (OS)
Understanding Operating System and Kernal 2-5 Days
Bash Shell Programming 2-5 Days
Inter-process Communication 2-5 Days
Device Drivers & Threads 2-5 Days
Embedded OS Porting
OS Porting with RASPBERRY PI 2-5 Days
OS Porting with Beagle Bone Black 2-5 Days
PCB Designing 2-5 Days
PLC/SCADA 2-5 Days
Wireless Technology - LTE, WIFI, RF, ZigBEE, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, VSAT, WLAN Etc 2-5 Days
Wireless Physical Layer 2-5 Days
IIES provides advanced training programs on leading technologies like Embedded Systems, the Internet of Things and Machine learning.
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