Placement Preparedness Program (PPP)

Indian Institute of Embedded Systems (IIES), Bangalore offers a very unique training for undergraduate engineering students. As per our clients (Corporates) requirements, a minimum of 15 days to 1 month program will be held either by online or classroom model for final year engineering students in a fast track method in the combination of software programming and hardware. Students who complete this program will be given placement opportunities in core companies in Embedded, Automotive, Electronics, Wireless, Semiconductor, Aerospace and other engineering domains.

Take Away

  • Knowledge about the selected topic
  • Pre and post assignments for students
  • IIES Placement preparedness program certification
  • Training material
  • Final year/ Mini Project
  • Placement opportunity in the core domain
  • Internship opportunity in the core domain
Sl. No Module No. of Days No. of hours/Day
1 Programming in C 5-7 Days 7
2 Programming in C++ 3-5 Days 7
3 Embedded C 2 Days 7
4 Python programming and Applications 3 Days 7
5 MATLAB and Simulink 2-3 Days 7
6 Microcontroller fundamentals wit 8051 3-5 Days 7
7 ARM LPC 2148 / LPC 2129 (Automotive) 4-7 Days 7
8 Internet of Things (IoT) on Arduino/Raspberry Pi/NodeMCU (ESP8266) 3-7 Days 7
9 Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligance 3-7 Days 7
10 Linux Operating systems (OS) – Understanding OS and Kernal/ Bash Shell programming / Device Drivers & Threads 3-7 Days 7
IIES provides advanced training programs on leading technologies like Embedded Systems, the Internet of Things and Machine learning.
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